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BadKush Wiki Index

Welcome to BadKush, the best stoner server out!

If you find any information that is wrong, have any suggestions, or want to help with the wiki, send a pm on discord or in-game to BrutisTheGuy.

Beginner guide

Here are some good reads for beginners!

Stoner's Guide To Success
Money Making
Event Boss
Useful Commands
Fishing Anglers/Fishing Platform
Clue Scrolls
Well Of Goodwill
Pet Effects


Raids are medium-hard difficulty and are filled with npcs. You need 1000 Total level to participate and you need to complete Prove Your Worth to host them and to also Solo Raid. You will most likely need Blood Barrage and good mage gear!

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Abyssal Raids
God Raids
Solo Raids

Chest/Box Rewards

Event Chest Abyssal Raid Chest
God Raid Chest Fighter Chest
Crystal Chest 420 Chest
Donator Mystery Box Mystery Box
Super Donator Mystery Box

Useful Maps

Donator Dungeon Super Donator Dungeon
Elite Donator Dungeon Superior Slayer Dungeon
Brimhaven Taverly
Nieves Slayer Dungeon Brutal Dragon Dungeon
Metal Dragon Dungeon Legendary Donator Dungeon
Hunter Area


Most shops can be found in the bottom right tab of your interface. Or west of home for most of them if you like.

Kush Bucks General Store
Ironman Supplies Skilling Supplies
Clue Supplies Food & Potions
Weapons Armour
Pure Gear Magic Gear
Range Gear Outfits
Titles Blood Money
Platinum Tokens Vote Points
Skill Points PVM Points
Boss Points Trivia Points
Achievement Points Prestige Points
Bounty Points Hunter Points
Agility Store Raid Tokens(Located at gunthor by raid portal)

Game Modes

There are a few gamemodes to chose from in BadKush. Here are some short(or not) explinations

Ultimate Ironman
Hardcore Ironman Coming soon


Slayer tasks can be assigned from Vannaka and Boss Tasks can be assigned from Nieve both north of home by raids portal. ;;raids is a quick shortcut

Low Level Tasks
Med Level Tasks
High Level Tasks
Boss Tasks
Wilderness Tasks


Every single skill on Badkush is working, and you can prestige them once you hit 99. They all can be prestiged to 25. Higher prestiges unlock rewards and a higher placement on the Highscores.

All of BadKush's skills
Prestiging Skills
Prestige/Milestone Perks
Skilling Armour

Non Combat Skills

  • Note Experience rates are for Normal mode
RuneCrafting Hunter
Agility Herblore
Thieving Crafting
Fletching Mining
Smithing Fishing
Cooking Firemaking
Woodcutting Farming


List of weapons, their bonuses, and level requirements.

Melee Weapons
Range Weapons
Magic Weapons


List of Armours and accessories along with their level requirements.

Melee Armour
Range Armour
Magic Armour
Max Capes
Anti Dragonfire
Passive Armour Effects


Quests accessible from the quest tab, first page.

A Helping Hand
An Old Promise
Cooks Assistant
Cooks Apprentice
Dragon Slayer I
Dragon Slayer II
Fight Arena
Mage Arena I
Mage Arena II
Mage Arena III
Mage Of Zamorak
Prove Your Worth
Recipe for Disaster


List of bosses and their attack styles/levels.

List of bosses and their attack styles/levels
King Black Dragon Sea Troll Queen
Barrelchest Corporeal Beast
Dagganoth Kings Godwars
Zulrah Kraken
Giant Mole Chaos Elemental
Callisto Scorpia
Vet'ion Venenatis
Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist
Cerberus Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
Lizard Shaman Demonic Gorillas
Gelatinnoth Mother Rfd Bosses
Ancient Warriors Kalphite Queen
Dark Ankou Army of the Pharaohs
Viriditas Glough
Tiny Girgio The Gatekeeper
Vorkath Elvarg
Kolodion Obor
Bryophyta Alchemical Hydra


List of the minigames of BadKush and descriptions of what they are.

Barrows Warrior's guild
Duel Arena Pest Control
Fight Caves Weapon Game
Clan Wars DogFights

Drop rate bonuses

Complete list of Drop Rate bonuses. (Donator information can be found here

You can check your current drop rate bonuses with the command ;;dr

Item/Title Drop Rate Bonus
Ring Of Wealth 5%
Ring of Wealth(I) 15%
Double Exp Ring 15%
Donator 5%
Super Donator 10%
Elite Donator 20%
Legendary Donator 30%
Extreme Mode 15%
Insane Mode 30%
Lucky Cutlass 15%
Luckiest Cutlass 20%

Price Guide

  • Last Updated October 4th 2018
Price Guide

Prices are subject to change sometimes daily and dont always reflect what people are paying for them!

High Scores

Here is a link to the Badkush Highscores Including Normal, Extreme, Ironman, Ultimate ironman And now Insane Highscores

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