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Viriditas - lvl 666 is a hard custom boss who attacks with Melee. This boss can hit through half prayer so be careful. Meant to be a team boss thats why hes so difficult.


Recommended gear:

Magic setup:

Slot Gear
Weapon: Ultimate Scepter > Sanginuine staff > Any scepter > Kodai Wand
Shield: Kruzion SS > Arcane SS > Divine SS, Mal ward
Head: Mummy > Ancestral >Ankou
Amulet: Occult
Chest: Mummy > Ancestral >Ankou
Legs: Mummy > Ancestral >Ankou
Gloves: Mummy > Tormented >Ankou
Boots: Mummy > Eternal Boots >Ankou

Range Setup:

Slot Gear
Weapon: Magma Blowpipe > Ultimate Twisted Bow > Armadyl crossbow
Head: Viriditas > Void Range Helm
Amulet: Anguish
Chest: Viriditas > Elite Void
Legs: Viriditas > Elite Void
Gloves: Viriditas > Elite Void
Boots: Viriditas > Pegasian Boots

Gear explanation:

To do Viriditas fast and effectively I recommend finding someone to duo with and one mage while the other ranges. The magic setup is self explanatory, as you wanna stack as much magic attack bonus as you can. For ranging I personally use Viriditas because it’s go dank defensive bonuses and only -20 range bonus. Ruby (e) bolts work very well since their proc hits for 200 hp. Magma bp is the best but acb will suffice, if you prefer to use twisted bow that will work as well.


Viriditas is located inside of a square enclosure. If you’re in a duo the mage will focus on keeping Viriditas frozen while the ranger will focus on draining his Health. When he’s not frozen make sure to keep an eye on your health as Viriditas hits high, even through prayer. If you decide to try to solo Viriditas bring both a freeze and a range setup. Be advised this is a much more difficult encounter by yourself.