Tiny Girgio

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Tiny Girgio - lvl 826 is a very hard custom boss who attacks with melee and hits through all of your prayer protection so be caureful! 20000 Hit Points


Recommended Gear

Slot Gear
Weapon: Girgio Fan
Shield: Divine SS > Elysian SS > Any SS
Head: Viriditas > Infernal > Void Melee Helm
Amulet: Torture > Fury
Chest: Viriditas > Infernal > Elite Void
Legs: Viriditas > Infernal > Elite Void
Gloves: Viriditas > Infernal > Void Knight
Boots: Viriditas > Infernal > Primordial

Gear explanation

When it comes to gear for Tiny Girgio it is pure preference. I would recommend Viriditas for people who are new to Girgio as it has huge defense bonus and really helps survivability during the fight. Divine and Elysian Spirit Shields offer a 30%/25% damage mitigation. Infernal and Void Melee will increase your DPS thus speeding up the fight however Girgio can hit EXTREMELY high, so you will need to be more aware throughout the encounter. The Fan of Girgio is an absolute must for fighting Tiny Girgio. It provides defensive boost against his attacks and provides a DPS boost to your attacks against Girgio.


Tiny Girgio isn’t so tiny. He has a 20,000 health pool and he hits like a Mack truck. Girgio completely hits through prayer so it is unnecessary to pray against him. I recommend bringing some friends to help with the fight, he can be solo’d however it is an extremely long process. The fight itself is very straight forward. You can use a Dwarf Multi Cannon for some added DPS to shave off time.