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Guide Credit to Stoner/Diablo

Welcome to BadKush!

After logging into BadKush for the first time, you will be prompted to choose your experience rate and account type.

Experience rates: Normal: 150x osrs experience rate/0% Drop increase

Extreme: 1/6th experience rate of normal/15% drop rate increase

Account type: Normal, Ironman or Ultimate Ironman.

Getting Familiar with Home After you’ve selected experience rate and account type you will spawn at Home. Here you will find most of your essential NPC’s as well as multiple areas to level up your skills.

Useful NPC’s found at Home North: Vannaka (Slayer Master): Assign’s slayer tasks and will offer to reset them for 250k each. Also has shop where you can spend your slayer points gained via tasks Nieve (Boss Tasks): Assigns bosses to be killed as Slayer task. Gunthor (Raid Master): Has information on how raids work on a superficial basis. Also has shop where you can spend raid tokens. Gunthor is also a Quest giver for custom quest Prove Your Worth. Lady Servil: Quest giver for custom quest Fight Arena Cooking Tutor: Quest giver for custom quest Cook’s Assistant West: Merchants: Here you can find almost every NPC that allows you to access a shop(Most shops can be accessed via shops tab in the bottom right corner of HUD.) East: Kush Guardian: Allows you to set up and manage your bank pin. Decantor: Turns (3) Potions into (4) potions for 250gp each.

South: Patchy: Allows you to prestige in any skill you have achieved level 99. You must remove all equipment before you can prestige. Genie: Allows you to reset any combat skills to level 1 for 1M gold fee. Mage of Zamorak: Sells rune essence noted or unnoted as well as talismans up to cosmic. He will also teleport you to the essence mine. The Titler: Sells titles Wise Old Man: Sells skill capes to those who have achieved 99 in any particular skill Mac: Sells Max Capes to anyone whom has achieved 99 in all skills Makeover Mage: Changes appearance for 10k gp fee Center: Death: Allows you to reclaim untradeable items after you die. Death will charge a fee based on each item) Nurse Joy: Allows you to recharge your HP and Prayer points.

Notable features inside of home area: Gilded altar: Located to the south. Using bones on the altar will boost the amount of experience you receive per bone. Ancient & Lunar altar: Located to south: Used to swap Magic spell book. Woodcutting trees: Located all around home area Mining Area with multiple types of ores, a forge, and an anvil: Just North of the bank Player owned shop: Can be accessed by using the table inside of bank, Using the Player Store merchant, or via the shops tab on HUD. Crystal chest: Located inside of bank. Consumes 1 Crystal key each time you open it. Boss chest: Located inside of bank. Consumes 1 Event Key each time you open it. Raid chest: Located inside of bank. Consumes 1 Raid Key each time you open it. 420 chest: Located inside of bank. Consumes 1 4:20 Key each time you open it

Types of Currencies

Blood Money: obtained from killing certain creatures and Skilling.
PvM points: 1 point is earned after killing most creatures(not given by low level mister such as cows, chickens, or crawling hands.)
Skill Points: various amounts are awarded from Skilling activities
Achievement points: When you complete achievements you will be awarded various amounts of AP
Kush Bucks: This is the currency that is obtained by donating.
Vote points: Every 12 hours you may vote for our server 5 times and obtain 5 vote points
Platinum Tokens: Obtained by killing barbarians at ::dz or :dd
Boss Points: Obtained by killing bosses. 1 point earned for each boss kill. 10 points are awarded from event bosses. You may also receive boss points as a reward from chests
Trivia Points: Obtained by being the first to correctly answer trivia questions asked by KushBot. To answer type ::answer or ::a [Correct Answer]
Raid Tokens: Obtained by completing raids.

How Prestige System Works:

When you achieve level 99 in any skill you may speak to Patchy to advance your prestige. At the moment you may prestige a skill up to a cap of 10. Each time, Patchy will reset the skill to level 1 and award you with 1 prestige point and 1.5M gold. Advancing in prestige level does not affect experience rates in any way.

Combining Weapons:

When you start earning prestige level you will be able to combine items to make them more powerful. Weapons and armor of the same variety can be used on one another to be fused. Each time one of the items will be CONSUMED and you will gain a 1% stat increase up to a cap of 100. The effect is account based and not weapon specific. Your total prestige level will determine how many times you can combine pieces pf gear. This process does not consume your prestige points. Therefor any amount of gear can be stacked up to your prestige threshold.

Part 1: Making money

Okay now that you have familiarized yourself with BadKush’s basics you’re going to need some cash, because 50k and a crate of cats wont cut it. Go to the general store in your shops tab and buy a butterfly net for 31g. Head to ::hunter and start catching any imps that you can and bank them. When you get to 83 you will be able to start catching Dragon imps at level 83, and Lucky imps at 91. Opening these jars will result in rewards such as Dragon axe, Dragon scimitar, D arrows/darts and their tips, as well as clue boxes. I would recommend just going for 99 however its purely your choice. The extra loot that you don’t need can be sold to the general store for gold. You can easily make a green cash stack to start your adventure off right!

Part 2: Combat Training

Now that you have some gold and basic gear lets start making gainz. I recommend leveling range up first so that you can start doing Event Bosses when they spawn. Go to your handy dandy shops tab and click range gear. Grab an ava’s accumulator, 200 iron knives and 200 rune knives. In the pure shop you can get a free zamorak book that gives +8 Attack bonuses. You can also buy a glory and combat bracelet if you so choose. Food and Potions can be purchased from their respective shops to aid you as well. Once you’ve got your starter supplies head to ::crabs or ;;sand and start murdering. I personally always did my training here because crabs drop loop halves and tooth halves used to create Crystal Keys. The shear amount of useful rewards that come from Crystal Chest make them a high priority when you don’t have anything(Right click crystal chest to view drop table.) You will also gain PvM points for every crab that you kill. Use the initial points you collect to buy items like whip, fury, barrows gloves, Firecape and Rangers. After that I recommend spending all of your other PvM points on Crystal Keys. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you bank all c keys until you’ve got at least 150+. You are a lot more likely to receive a rare item as opposed to opening them on an individual basis.

Part 3: Event Bosses

When you’ve got 65+ range and 43+ prayer you will be able to kill Event Bosses. Event bosses spawn every 2 hours. Grab a rune crossbow, ruby bolts (e), black d hide, decent food and some prayer potions. Type ::Event and you’ll be teleported to the location. You must deal at least 50 damage to the boss to obtain a key. If you die or teleport away you will have to deal 50 more damage to be rewarded. These keys will allow you to open the boss chest. This can land you some very powerful gear such as Twisted Bow(You can right click Boss Chest to view drop tables) If you would rather gold instead, keys can be traded with other players and will earn you 10-15M each.

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