Prove Your Worth

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Prove your worth is the quest you need to start raids. The dialogue starts as so:

Its rumored that there are hidden dungeons that contain great rewards. You can start this quest by talking to Gunthor by the Raids Portal.

81 Herblore
76 Fishing
80 Cooking
85 Slayer
1300 Total levels

When you have all that talk to Gunthor beside the raids portal. He will then ask you to bring him 50 Saradomin Brews(note you need full pots not (3)s) and 300 Cooked sharks both noted.

When you have that talk to him again and he will take the potions and food and say that will feed him for weeks. He will then tell you you need to bring him 4 raid book pages.

Raid Page 1 - Abyssal Demons
Raid Page 2 - Gargoyles
Raid Page 3 - Nechryaels
Raid Page 4 - Hellhounds

After you have the raid pages go back and give them to Gunthor. You will then complete the quest and be rewarded with:

2 Quest Points
Unlocked access to host Raids
500k Herblore, Cooking, and Slayer Experience
Gunthor's Gratitude