Mystery Box

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Mystery Boxes can be obtained from drops from certain monsters and the Pvm Point, Boss Point, Vote, Skill, and Kush Bucks Shops.

Common 1/25
30 Dragon Bones 5 Crystal Key
50 Magic Logs 100 Yew Logs
50 Raw Shark 100 Uncut Ruby
50 Uncut Diamond 100 Coal
2 Clue Box Lamp
Uncommon 1/75
Weak Pharaohs Scepter Abyssal Whip
Saradomin Sword Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Legs Armadyl Helm
Dharok's Armour Set Guthan's Armour Set
Verac's Armour Set Torag's Armour Set
Karil's Armour Set Ahrim's Armour Set
Amulet of Fury 5 Overloads
50 Black D'hide(untanned) 200 Pure Essence
Rare 1/200
Uncommon Pharaohs Scpeter Fighter Gloves
Abyssal Dagger(p++) Toxic Blowpipe(empty)
Ring of Wealth Scroll Armadyl Crossbow
Master Wand Bandos Godsword
50 Runite Bar 100 Anglerfish
150 Blood Runes 75 Adamantite Bars
150 Death Runes 75 Snapdragon Potion(unf)
5 Vote tickets
Very Rare 1/500 3rd Age Wand
3rd Age Longsword
3rd Age Bow