Mage Arena III

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Deep in the Wilderness a grand battle is about to unfold. To start this quest I must talk to Kolodion at the Mage Bank. Requirements: Completion of Mage Arena II and Level 85 Magic

Upon talking to him he will tell you he wants you to fight him. You will be teleported to the mage arena to fight him(its safe). You will have to defeat 6 forms of him:

1 - 100hp
2 - 150hp
3 - 200 hp
4 - 200hp
5 - 400hp
6 Chaos Elemental - 750hp

After you defeat him the quest will be finished and you will be rewarded with:

1 Quest Point
Ability to challenge Kolodion for runes
500k Magic Experience
250k Gold Pieces
10k Death Runes
10k Blood Runes