Mage Arena II

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There is another bounty, this time its for the demi-gods themselves. To start this quest i can talk to Kolodion at the mage bank. WARNING: This quest is in the wilderness, bring only what you're prepared to lose. Requirements: Completion of Mage Arena I, and Level 75 Magic

Upon starting this quest Kolodion will tell you that he wants you to slay the Demi-Gods of Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak who you must kill with theyre respected God Spells and take theyre pieces. They are spread around the wilderness at level 40+ and you have to search for them. They mostly stay within a large radius of the mage arena so start from there.

Saradomin: Justicar Zachariah, A white paladin. Must be killed with Saradomin Strike. Drops Justicar Hand
Guthix: Derwen, A magic Ent. Must be killed with Claws of Guthix. Drops Ent Roots
Zamorak: Porzadir, A large Demon. Must be killed with Flames of Zamorak. Drops Demon Heart

After you kill all three and get the drops they drop return to Kolodion. You will the be done with the quest and rewarded:

1 Quest point
Trained to wear Imbued God Capes
More Access to Kolodion's wares