Mage Arena I

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There is a bounty out on wizards, it may end up paying well. To start this quest talk to Kolodion at the Mage Bank. WARNING: This quest is in the wilderness, bring only what youre prepared to lose. Requirements: 60 Magic

Upon speaking to kolodion he will tell you that he wants you to kill some mages for him all located at the mage arena(through the switch teleport in the mage bank). They all must be killed with they're respected God Spells

10 Guthix Battle mages, killed with Claws of Guthix
10 Saradomin Battle mages, killed with Saradomin Strikw
10 Zamorak battle mages, killed with Flames of Zamorak

After you kill all of the ones you need return to Kolodion. You will then be finished with the quest and be rewarded with:

1 Quest Point
Trained to wear God Capes
Unlock the ability to cast God Spells
Access Trade to Kolodion