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Here is what you will start with as a normal ironman. If you choose Ultimate ironman the only difference is you get ultimate ironman armour.


As an ironman you cant buy from the normal shops or trade other players. So first here is a list of the shops you can purchase from in order on the shops tab

Kush Bucks
Ironman Supplies
Clue Supplies
Blood Money
Platinum Tokens
Vote Points
Skill Points
PVM Points
Boss Points
Trivia Points
Achievement Points
Prestige Points
Bounty Points
Hunter Points
Agility Store

So as an ironman you start with a loaf of bread and shrimp along with the starter gear and ironman armour. Well since you cant buy anything the first thing i recommend doing is fishing and cooking yourself up a decent pile of food, id say up to swordfish area would be good. If you need a fishing or cooking guide they can be found here Fishing Cooking

After that youre gonna wanna decide which class you want to play first.


So as you start range you only start with a short bow and 25 bronze arrows. I reccomend doing hunter until you get to lucky imps. They drop rune cbows, magic shortbows and rune/dragon arrows along with dragon dart pieces for later on. They also drop god range gear which is decent too. After you have a rune cbow and a magic short bow and a decent amount of rune arrows(dragon too but not needed yet) probably 150-250.

After that youll need to start mining and smithing so that you will be able to make adamant bolts(unf). This is necessary because you can add gem tips to them that do much more damage than normal adamant bolts, especially ruby for bosses. After youve gotten to 77 smith make yourself probably 250-500 adamant arrows and bank them for later.

Now youll wanna do wc/fletching to get your fletch to the level required to make the tipped bolts you desire. Keep all clue scrolls, easy and medium drop ranger pieces which are useful and hards drop 3rd age range which is more useful.

Next youll wanna do crafting until you can craft the desired gem tips, just enough for your amount of adamant bolts. Then buy enough feathers from the ironman store(general section) for your bolts and use them all. Then take all your tips and make the bolts ruby.

Now you have a decent range weapon, if you didnt get enough god range armour from lucky implings or ckeys go back and get more so you have full. Now i reccomend killing rock/sand crabs until you have enough pvm points for ranger boots/gloves or do clue scrolls for them(this may take longer). Or instead of ranger gloves kill Flambeed for barrows gloves.

An alternative and fairly good option do pc for elite void. It takes 70 games for the full range set and 90 for all of them so its not too bad and the dps on it is pretty good.

Next for range youll want to get is the blowpipe. You can get this as a drop from zulrah(requires 53 fletch but thats not a big deal) or if zulrah if too much work for you you can also buy for 350 Boss Points from the boss store. Its also important to go to every event so you can try to get a tanzanite fang or Twisted Bow from there. After you have your blowpipe youll need to get darts. You can get them from dragon implings or craft them yourself although crafting them yourself is easier if you have lvl 95 fletch(dragon dart tips can be bought from ironman store)