God Raids

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God raids are a new addition to badkush. You can take basically the same things as Abyssal Raids too. Heres an quick explanation:

Well in room one there are all 4 normal gods with all their minions from godwars. I typically pray melee but its a tough choice considering the variety of enemies. Basically just kill them all to get to the second room. Barrage works just as well as Raids one also but its still recommended to bring a range or melee switch. You have to kill every monster in each room!!!

The next 4 rooms are going to be in one of 4 certain orders, 1 room for each god boss. Within each room you will find a ton of the god boss and their minions. But in the center is a giant version of said god boss for that room with 3500 hp. So basically the goal is to just slaughter until there are no monsters. The orders are as such:

Order 1 Order 2 Order 3 Order 4
Bandos Saradomin Armadyl Zamorak
Saradomin Armadyl Zamorak Bandos
Armadyl Zamorak Bandos Saradomin
Zamorak Bandos Saradomin Armadyl


Room Prayer
Armadyl Range and occasionally melee
Zamorak Mage
Saradomin Mage
Bandos Range and some Melee

Hope this helps anyone out :)