Fishing Anglers/Fishing Platform

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1. Fishing Trophy
2. Sea Fishing Map
3. Weather Forecast
4. Level 82 fishing
5. Sandworms

First Part:

Fishing Trophy - Fish 2000 sharks and you'll complete an achievement that will give you the fishing trophy.

Sea Fishing map - Sea Fishing Map is avaiable for 1m skill points or as a drop from the kraken.

Weather Forecast - The Weather Forecast you can get from Fishing Caskets that wash up ashore or from the skilling point shop.

Once you have these three things youre ready for the second part:

Go to ::fishing or fishing in the skill teleports and right click the Fishing Master and click exhange(hes just southwest from you) and hell give you a fishing pass(dont worry its unlimited) then right click him again and click teleport. 
You will be teleported to the fishing platform. From here you will need to fish mantas to get Big Sea Bass, Big Sharks, and Big Swordfish, which you can turn into points(Big Sea Bass 1 Points, Big Shark 3 Points, Big Swordfish 5 Points) and each fish caught gives you one point which you will use to get sandworms from the store there. Its recommended to get the 50 pack for 50 points because singles cost 5 each.

Guide Credit to OE! Original Guide with pictures here: