Fighter Chest

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Fighter Keys are obtainable from the Fight Arena after completing the quest of that same name.

Common 1/25
10 Dragon Bones 10 Runite Ore
Rune Platebody Rune Platelegs
30 Magic Logs Rune Full Helm
25 Adamantite Ore Rune Kiteshield
100 Maple Logs 50 Yew Logs
2000 Air runes 2000 Water Runes
2000 Fire Runes 2000 Earth Runes
100 Cosmic Runes 30 Mithril Ore
100 Coal 200 Iron Ore
Uncommon 1/75
Dragon 2h Sword Dragon Scimitar
Dragon Longsword Granite Maul
100 Dragon Arrows Granite Body
Granite Legs 150 Rune Arrows
Granite Shield Granite Helm
50 Blood Runes 50 Soul Runes
50 Death Runes 50 Astral Runes
5 420 Keys
Rare 1/200
Amulet of Fury Abyssal Whip
Dark Bow 2m Coins
Dharok's Helm Dharok's Platebody
Dharok's PLatelegs Dharok's Greataxe
Karil's Coif Karil's Leathertop
Karil's Leatherskirt Karil's Crossbow
Guthan's Helm Guthan's Platebody
Guthan's Chainskirt Guthan's Warspear
Ahrim's Hood Ahrim's Robetop
Ahrim's Robeskirt Ahrim's Staff
Verac's Helm Verac's Brassard
Verac's Plateskirt Verac's Flail
Torag's Helm Torag's Platebody
Torag's Platelegs Torag's Hammers
3 Crystal Keys Rune Crossbow
Ghostly Follower
Very Rare 1/500
Baby Khazard