Fight Arena

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Shady Guild is kidnapping people all over BadKush and forcing them to fight. To help out speak to Lady Servil at Home. Requirements: The ability to defeat many enemies

Upon talking to her you will be asked if you'll help find her husband, select yes and you be teleported. After you're teleported you'll be asked to find some Khazard armour. (Hint try searching the buldings North of where Lady Servil teleports you, The Khazard armour is in a chest)

After you have the Khazard Armour youll be asked to find a way in. You need to open the door in between the fences by where you're teleported. Youll then be asked who is it and you have to guess, it might take you a few tries. After you guess the name right youll be asked to guess the password, this might also take a few tries. After that youll be asked to tell the combination, youll have to guess again.

After you guess the three answers your goal is to find lady servils husband. Upon finding him he will tell you he came of his own will and take you prisoner to fight in waves varying in strength:

Crawling Hand
Al Kharid Warrior
Chaos Druid
Rock Crab
Sand Crab
Poison Scorpion
Hill Giant
Giant Bat
Black knight
Crushing Hand
Magic Axe
Chaos Dwarf
Baby Dragon

After you defeat all of them youll be asked to go back to Lady Servil and explain to her what happened. After talking to her the quest is complete and you will be rewarded with:

1 Quest Point
Access to the Fight Arena Minigame
3 Fight Keys