Dragon Slayer I

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Dragons are on the loose, help kill them and gain renown in BadKush Oziach is waiting to hand this quest out, hes at home.(West of the church)

Upon speaking to Oziach he will tell you he needs you to slay dragons for Four Map Pieces because the Demon Elvarg tore the dragon map up and spread it to various dragons. The dragons are:

Green Dragons(wildy) - Map Piece 1
Blue Dragons(Taverly) - Map Piece 2
Red Dragons(Brimhaven) - Map Piece 3
Black Dragons(Taverly) - Map piece 4

After you have all the pieces return to Oziach and he will take the pieces and say you are ready to fight Elvarg and to get ready and return to him. Elvarg has 2000 hp so bring food and the right gear!

After you defeat Elvarg you will complete the quest with a reward of:

2 Quest Points
The Ability to challenge Elvarg again