Crystal Chest

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Crystal Keys are acquired as drops from monsters usually as halves or from a few shops.

Common 1/25
30 Runite Ore 15 Rune Bars
30 Grimy Avantoe 30 Grimy Cadantine
30 Grimy Irit 50 Manta Ray
500 Bolt Rack 30 Grimy Dwarf Weed
30 Grimy Harralander 50 Raw Swordfish
30 Uncut Diamond 50 Uncut Ruby
75 Uncut Emerald 100 Uncut Saphire
30 Grimy Guam
Uncommon 1/75
Verac's Plateskirt Verac's Brassard Verac's Flail
Verac's Helm Torag's Platelegs Torag's Platebody
Torag's Hammers Torag's Helm Dragon Square Shield
Armadyl Coif Armadyl Chaps Armadyl D'hide
Armadyl Vambraces Bandos D'hide Bandos Chaps
Bandos Vambraces Dragon Plateskirt Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit
Dragon Battleaxe Uncut Onyx Robetop of Darkness
Ancient Staff Dragon Longsword Dragon Scimitar
Dragon Med Helm Morytania Legs 2 Robebottom of Darkness
Guthix Platebody Saradomin Platebody Zamorak Platebody
Guthix Platelegs Saradomin Platelegs Zamorak Platelegs
Guthix Fullhelm Saradomin Fullhelm Zamorak Fullhelm
Farseer Helm Archers Helm Warriors Helm
Rune 2h Sword Tzhaar-ket-om Dragon Mace
Helm of Neitiznot Tzhaar-ket-em Dragon Dagger
Saradomin D'hide Saradomin Chaps Saradomin Vambraces\
Saradomin Coif Rune Scimitar
Rare 1/200
Ancestral Robebottoms Ancestral Robetop Ancestral Hat
Armadyl Godsword Statius Warhammer Statius Platelegs
Statius Platebody Vestas Spear Vestas Platelegs
Vestas PLatebody Vestas Longsword Bandos Godsword
Abyssal Whip Armadyl Legs Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Helm Bandos Boots Bronze Santa Hat
Bronze H'ween Bronze Party Hat 100 Lava Dragon Bones
Karil's Leatherskirt Karil's Leathertop Karil's Crossbow
Karil's Coif Guthan's Chainskirt Guthan's Platebody
Guthan's Warspear Guthan'a Helm Dharok's Platelegs
Dharok's Platebody Dharok's Greataxe Dharok's Helm
Ahrim's Robebottom Ahrim's Robetop Ahrim's Staff
Ahrim's Hood Spirit Shield 3rd Age Range top
Dragon 2h Sword Dragon Spear 100 Raw Dark Crab
Gilded Hasta Fury Ornament Kit Dragon Def Orn Kit
6 Vote Tickets 3rd Age Cloak 100 Dragon Bones