Cooks Apprentice

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For Cooks Apprentice you will need to speak to the cook at home in the building west of the raids portal or at ::chill


Completion of Cooks Assistant

Upon talking to the Cook he will tell you that he wants you to gather more meats.

1 Raw Karambwan
1 Raw Manta Ray
1 Raw Shark
1 Raw Dark Crab
1 Raw Sea Turtle

After you gather the meats return to the cook and speak to him again. He will then tell you he wants you to smoke the meats and return. You will need:

1 Cooked Karambwan 
1 Cooked Manta Ray
1 Cooked Shark
1 Cooked Dark Crab 
1 Cooked Sea Turtle

After you have those return to the cook and speak to him.

You have completed the quest!


1 Quest Point
Access to cooking with the Cooking Tutor