Abyssal Raid Chest

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Common 1/25
Master Wand Abyssal Whip
Dharok's Armour set Guthan's Armour set
Karil's Armour set Ahrim's Armour set
Torag's Armour set Verac's Armour set
Dark Bow Ring of Wealth
Leaf Bladed Axe
Uncommon 1/75
Korsai Sword Amulet of Torture
Pegasian Boots Primordial Boots
Eternal Boots Berserker Ring(i)
Seers Ring(i) Archers Ring (i)
Armadyl Godsword Necklace of Anguish
Toxic Staff of the Dead Ring of Suffering
Tormented Bracelet Warriors Ring(i)
Abyssal Tentacle Occult Necklace
Abyssal Orphan Pet Baby Abyssaly Sire
Baby Touchable Babay Everlasting
Baby Inadequacy
Rare 1/200
Rapier Dragon Claws
Twisted Bow Lava Spirit Shield
Magma Blowpipe Kruzision Spirit Shield
Rare Pharaohs Scepter Abyssal Bludgeon
Fighter Gloves Uncommon Pharaohs Scepter
Abyssal Dagger(p++) Viriditas Helm
Viriditas Platebody Viriditas Platelegs
Viriditas Boots Viriditas Gloves
Mummy Head Mummy Body
Mummy Legs Ring of Wealth (i)
Common Pharaohs Scepter Abyssal Bracelet
Lucky Cutlass Kodai Wand
Dinh's Bulwark Mummy Feet
Mummy Hands Weak Pharaohs Scepter
God Raids Key