420 Chest

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420 Keys Are acquired by being online during server time 4:20(am and pm) or when a staff member tokes.

Common 1/25
Meat Tenderizer Bucket Helm
Fedora Tan Cavalier
Dark Cavalier Black Cavalier
White Cavalier Blue Cavalier
Red Cavalier Egg Whisk
Red Headband Black Headband
Brown Headband Blue Headband
White Headband Gold Headband
Pink Headband Green Headband
Wooden Spoon Double Eye Patch
Right Eye Patch Left Eye Patch
Gnome Ball Bobble Hat
Bobble Scarf Jester Hat
Jester Scarf Tri-jester hat
Wooly Hat Wooly Scarf
Plain Satchel Green Satchel
Red Satchel Black Satchel
Gold Satchel Rune Satchel
Crab Helmet Mourner Top
Mourner Trousers Mourner Boots
Mourner Cloak Mourner Gloves
Uncommon 1/75
Bucket Helm(g) Fancy Tiara
Leprechaun Hat Top Hat & Monocle
Deerstalker Monocle
Pirate Boots Pirate Legs
Pirate Body Pirate Hat
Pirate Bandana Pirate Hook
Red Beret White Beret
Black Beret Blue Beret
Mime Gloves Mime Boots
Mime Legs Mime Top
Princess Skirt Princess Blouse
Prince Leggings Prince Tunic
Frog Mask Bomber Hat
Bomber Jacket Yo-Yo
Heavy Casket Jack Lantern Mask
Helm of Raedwald Skeleton Mask
Skeleton Shirt Skeleton Leggings
Skeleton Boots Skeleton Gloves
Rare 1/200
Giant Present Sack of Presents
Half Moon Spectacles Dark Tuxedo Jacket
Light Tuxedo Jacket Dark Trousers
Light Trousers Dark Bow Tie
Light Bow Tie Dark Tuxedo Cuffs
Dark Tuxedo Shoes Light Tuxedo Cuffs
Light Tuxedo Shoes Gnome Scarf
Beret Mask Grain
Gas Mask Plague Jacket
Plague Trousers Mime Mask
Undead Chicken Druidic Wreath
Very Rare 1/500
Mouse Toy